The Modern Vamp: How to Wear The Classic Bad-Girl Look

Source: @jgeason (Feed My Lips in Cana)

Before flappers shimmied their way into the roaring 20’s, there were the “vamps” of the 1910s. They were the original bad girls of their time, known for their kohl-lined eyes, ruby-red lips, feisty attitudes and penchants for partying. Everyone else was both fascinated by and fearful of them.

Today, the vamp look isn’t as taboo as is used to be, but we still associate smokey eyes and red lips with mischief and seduction. Too sexy for the fresh-faced spring, too dark for the glowy, minimal summer and in the wrong setting, too serious for the light-hearted holidays. What better time to bring out your inner vamp than the dark, mysterious Fall? Here’s how to get the look from Aveda makeup artist Janell Geason.

Killer Lips

Source: @jgeason (Feed My Lips in Cana)

For pillowy-soft lips, begin with Aveda’s Lip Saver treatment. It acts as a base and keeps your lips from looking dry. (Pro tip: apply this before bed for extra conditioning. )

Line the lips with Pure Nourish-mint lip liner in Pomegranate. Then use Feed My Lips lipstick in a fiery red or deep wine to fill the rest. The Feed My Lips collection is designed to specifically compliment your hair and skin tone, so find a shade that suits you best. We especially love Cana (a bright coral red) or Morello (a rich, warm burgundy).

Seductive Eyes

Create a smokey-eye effect with Aveda’s Black Orchid Eye Liner & Black Tulip Eye Trio. Use the grey in the crease and use the black around the lash lines, blending outward to make it look smudged. Line the lower waterline to create an intense, piercing gaze. Finish with Aveda Mosscara in Black Forest, which also thickens and conditions the lashes.

DISCLAIMER: Omagi Salon Spa is not responsible for any traffic-stopping situations that may occur while wearing this look!