This Is How You Get Big, Beautiful (Real) Lashes


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Things are changing in the beauty world. The false lash craze is fading out and we’re beginning to see more of a focus on real lashes. Rather than the dramatic, doll-like look of falsies, the new look is more about length and definition, less quantity and more quality. How awesome would it be to have beautiful, lengthy, curled lashes knowing you don’t have to master some application technique, risk losing them or the dreaded removal process? We so happen to hold the keys to perfect lashes that you can claim your own, right here at Omagi. Read on.

Grow Your Lashes with RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Created to help the founder’s wife regain beautiful, healthy lashes after her battle with cancer, this strengthening serum helps grow your lashes and repairs damaged lashes. It also enhances their look by improving their health, flexibility and strength. You can pick up a bottle of this wonder potion right here at our location in Louisville. 

Get a Lash Lift with Sugarlash Pro

You read that right: a lash lift. This lash lift (also known as a lash perm) is done in-salon and is safer and more effective than traditional lash lifts. It’s the perfect alternative to eyelash extensions and lasts up to eight weeks. The results are longer, more pronounced, natural-looking lashes.

Just FYI, the “those aren’t your real lashes” comments are going to soar. You’ve been warned. Pick up your RevitaLash serum and make your appointment for a lash perm today!