Why We’re Obsessed With VoMor Extensions

Why We’re Obsessed With VoMor Extensions
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Let’s face it: Some of us have commitment issues. One minute we’re obsessing over the latest bob trend, and then all it takes is to see some celebrity’s most recent length and we’re back on the long-hair-don’t-care bandwagon. Then there’s color. If we could have a button that allowed us to change our hair color every day, that would be great. Balayage on Monday, pastel blue on Friday. Goals. Thanks to hair extensions, switching up your style, without commitment, is very doable.

At Omagi Salon & Spa, we love VoMor Extensions. Made from cuticle-intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines, these are the best extensions at the best value for our guests. Here are the two biggest reasons why we love VoMor Extensions.


The idea of having long, mermaidy hair has never really left us. If you’re craving length, volume, fullness or all of the above, but your hair just doesn’t grow that way, hair extensions are your best friend. By adding a few panels of hair, you will gain a full and natural look in just one sitting. VoMor Extensions are tape-in, typically done with color service, not time-consuming and they grow out with the hair, so you don’t have to take them out. Comfortable, natural and undetectable, you’re going to love how well you can style your hair after adding some hair extensions.


As a partner of Aveda, VoMor Extensions are aligned with the Aveda color wheel. Each length is available in 30 colors ranging from ash blonde to deep black. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a creative color but couldn’t commit to it, doing it with extensions is a great chemical-free way to go. Your stylist will match your extensions to your hair and place them in the areas where the track won’t be seen. For maintenance, we love Aveda’s Color Conserve, Invati and Smooth Infusion. Don’t put conditioners or oils on the scalp, focus on the ends.

Are you ready to get the hair you’ve always desired? Let’s get you there!