Your world can be completely changed by losing your hair due to a medical condition. At such a time, feeling like yourself can be the hardest thing to do. We understand how devastating this can be and stand ready to serve you and our community. Our fantastic stylist Marian, has become a certified Back to You stylist—to provide ease and assistance to those transitioning before, during and after hair loss.


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Hairstylists of those who have been diagnosed with a hair loss-related medical issue, are often not considered in the client’s process of losing their hair. In some cases, they’re not allowed or asked to accompany the client into wig stores or cancer centers that sell wigs. This puts the clients in a vulnerable position, one where they have to seek help from people who are not familiar with their hair shape, texture, color or style and it leaves many clients feeling discouraged. Marian hopes to alleviate the pressure of uncertainty for her clients during this time.


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Back to You trains and certifies licensed hair professionals to take care of people when they are most in need. They provide three types of hair pieces: synthetic, heat-tolerant synthetic hair and 100% human hair which can be shipped overnight and come in a wider spectrum of colors than most cancer center options.

The piece is cut and colored in-salon to suit your personal style. Back in the chair, Marian will teach clients how to style their new hair. Working with anything from hair pieces for clients with minimal hair loss to full custom wigs for clients who have been affected on a greater level.

Marian offers a complimentary consultation. Depending upon each individual’s insurance, many times insurance may cover more than one hair piece.


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Marian with a guest

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this service you can book your consultation online or call: 502-426-2213

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