Blame it on celebrities. One day they’re posting themselves in rich brunette hues then the next day they’re ice queens without a drop of brassiness, leading us to believe that a process like this is easy and done within one appointment. But the reality of it is…it’s not. In fact, we’d advise you to see this more as a marathon rather than a sprint.

With spring in the air, we’re anticipating a lot of dark to light hair transitions—we’d just like you to know a few things before you begin this journey. Here are three things to keep in mind when you want to go from dark to light hair.

1. You’re going to need multiple sessions

To keep the integrity of your hair, we recommend going about this in stages; lifting your hair no more than two shades per session. Since this is a chemical process, color results are dependent on your hair color history. This is why a consultation is so important—be sure to tell your stylist about your hair color history and they will recommend the best way possible to go light.

2. Just embrace the in-between

The darker your hair, the more pigment lives inside of it—and that underlying pigment is red. When the pigment is removed, it turns orange and then yellow as it gets lighter. This is when you see the brassy tones. But don’t get discouraged (or upset with your stylist), because this is part of the process and brass tones means you’re closer to achieving your desired look.

3. Keep your hair healthy

Dry hair that’s breaking will not be able to withstand the strength of the chemicals used to lighten your hair and can fall out if not taken care of properly. We recommend choosing at-home hair care products for color-treated hair to support healthy integrity. Our post-lightening favorites are: Aveda’s Color Conserve line to protect and moisturize and the Damage Remedy line which reduces breakage by adding protein and protecting against thermal damage.

If you’re interested in transitioning from light to dark, consult with one of our Omagi stylists who will recommend the best road to take on your hair journey. You can Book Online or call 502.426.2213