More Than Just Treating Yoself: Self-Care Over The Holidays

#Treatyoself is not just a trendy hashtag; it’s our mantra at Omagi.

Self-care is so important! It combats stress; helps maintain healthy relationships; nourishes physical and mental wellness; increases productivity, and generates self-confidence.

Adopting self-care habits starts a positive feedback loop that leads to healthy benefits, which leads to more motivation to practice self-care, which leads to more healthy benefits … you get the picture.

Acts of self-care can be physical—exercise, deep breathing, getting a facial. They can be mindful—meditation, learning to say “No,” boosting your self-esteem with skin and hair treatments. They can be therapeutic—starting a journal, pre-planning positive activities for your days and weeks ahead.


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The holiday season is traditionally a tough time to start developing good habits. We’ve put together some key dates coming up with our recommendations on self-care to practice on those days. #Sorrynotsorry: this is YOU TIME.

Nov. 11: Singles Day

Celebrate and nurture your fabulous single self! Gather single friends for a fun brunch. Do some shopping. Schedule a “Blow Out Before You Go Out” at Omagi and then hit the town.

Nov. 23: Black Friday

Planning to brave the crowds? This year, say #MerryChristmastoME. Make sure at least one of the items you’re willing to wait in line to snag is for YOU.

Nov. 24: Small Business Saturday

Connect with your community! Stroll through local shops, meet the owners, and shop with a purpose: to support the economy in your hometown. (So you know: Omagi is locally owned and we would looove to see you pop through our doors! #teamomagi )

Nov. 26: Cyber Monday

Shopping online is great, but you don’t want to stare at a screen all day. Balance out your cyber activities with a dose of nature—a walk in the woods, a picnic in the park, riding a bike.


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Nov. 27: Giving Tuesday

Helping others is an amazing act of self-care. When you give your time, talents or money to a cause you care about, you will find it tremendously satisfying and fulfilling.

Nov. 28-Dec. 9: Pure Privilege Double Points

This might not be a traditional holiday, but it’s great for self-care. With every Aveda purchase, members of Aveda’s Pure Privilege program earn points toward beautiful rewards—up to and including an Antigua spa trip. During these 12 days, rack up twice the points on products you love.

We want to hear how YOU practice self-care. What are your favorite ways to #treatyoself?