2019: An Opportunity for Beauty and Renewal

The coming of a new year always brings up feelings of fresh starts and rejuvenation. It’s the perfect time to switch things up and lay the groundwork for health and success during the coming year.

A lot of people talk about setting New Year’s Resolutions and never following through, so we’ve decided to come up with our Omagi Salon Spa’s Three Beautiful Intentions for the New Year.

Intention #1: Move Toward Peacefulness and Health

This could mean a number of things to you, be it joining a yoga class and going as frequently as you’re able, or deciding to take a walk around the block once or twice a week in the middle of your workday. The most important thing is to move, get out of your routine headspace, and breathe a little. Get your blood flowing and remind yourself to take the time to be centered, and be away from the stress of daily life.

Intention#2: Take Time for Self-Care

One of the things we can thank 2018 for is the really popular emergence of the self-care movement. We’re reminded to steal away a few moments for ourselves when we can, and do something to take care of ourselves like we would want someone else to. This could mean getting a blowout for a special occasion so you look and feel fabulous, or booking a series of facials throughout the year to make sure you always have scheduled time where you’re being taken care of. However you choose to do it, be sure to take the time to #treatyourself.

Intention #3: Clarify

Just like we get bogged down with the things we’ve brought from last year, so our skin and hair can get bogged down with product buildup that prevents oxygen circulation and frustrates healthy skin. For your scalp, the Pramasana line is the perfect way to purify the scalp and lay the groundwork for healthy hair that starts at the root. For your skin, the Tulasara radiant awakening ritual, which uses facial brushing and oleation oil to gently reveal new skin and moisturize with aromatherapeutic oils. This one could also count as Intention #2, and honestly, we’re fine with that.

Whatever your personal goals are for the year, we encourage you to explore your own intentions and decide what’s best for you, and we invite you to come to Omagi when it’s time for some self-care in our award-winning Louisville salon spa.

Happy New Year!